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" Since its inception in 1988, MBT Construction CHEMICALS has the privilege to pioneer the concept of enhancing the construction quality by using construction chemicals in Pakistani construction industry. Since beginning, we are serving as a comprehensive Construction Chemicals company by engaging ourselves to provide the solutions of the enhancing quality of construction and solving the construction problems leading to the eventual cost reduction and re-work. "

Our company has played a pivotal role in the development of the key industries of Pakistan for more than 26 years. With our customers’ abiding faith and trust in us, we put customer value before everything else and make environmental stewardship and safety our very first priority.

As a manufacturer & Distributer of Construction Chemicals found everywhere in our lives ranging from basic Construction to Major projects like Dams, Bridges, Warehouses, Multi Story Buildings etc., we are putting all out efforts to manufacture or import best products, placing customer trust above all else. Based on competences accumulated for over 27 years, MBT Construction Chemicals, with its clear goal of becoming “country’s best construction chemical company” in near future. We aim to concentrate on increasing its global competitiveness by strongly pushing ahead new growth business while intensively fostering high value-added business and strengthening existing business.
All executives and employees pledge to use our abilities in building an affluent and promising future.

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Cormix International is an independent British Company manufacturing a broad range of specialist construction chemicals including waterproofers, swelling waterstops, epoxy flooring materials, concrete repair products.

About us


We take this opportunity to deliver M/s Mughal Brothers Technologies an exclusive distributor (with the facility of local blending of admixtures) of CORMIX INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Running & Completed Project


Complete Projects Factories:-

  • Pepsi Cola Factory
  • Treat Blade Factory
  • Coca Cola Raheem Yar Khan
  • Shan Food Ltd.
  • Punjab Rice Mills Factory
  • Kashmir Rice Mills Factory
  • Pakistan Tobacco Factory Jehlum
  • Walls Ice-Cream Factory
  • United Detergent Factory Sheikhupura
  • Samin textile Mills Factory Ltd.
  • Banks:-
  • MCB IT Tower
  • Jehlum Dubai Bank
  • NBP Sanbraeal
  • MCB Bank Pakistan
  • Bank Al Islami Lahore
  • Alfalah Bank Lahore
  • NIB Bank Sialkkot
  • Power Plants & Dams / Bridges:-
  • Lal Pir Power Plant
  • Pakgen Power Plant
  • Shahpura Power Plant
  • Sahiwal Power Plant
  • Muzaffargar Thermal Power Plant
  • Neelam Jahlum Power Plant
  • NandiPur Power Plant
  • Terbela Dam
  • Mangla Dam
  • Mustafa Abad Canal
  • Mustafabad Bridge
  • Kot Rada Krishan Bridge
  • Companies:-
  • Fatima Fertilizer
  • Nishat Emporium
  • Vision Technologies
  • Atlis Sports
  • Etimaad Engineering
  • Tech Society Lahore
  • Staco Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pharmaceutical Multan
  • Three Star Chains
  • Duras Sports
  • Atomic Engineering
  • 15 Division
  • 8 Division
  • 16 Division
  • 20 Engineering
  • Atlis Sports
  • Vision Technologies
  • Pakistan Tele communication (PTCL)
  • Universities & Schools:-
  • UET Narrowal
  • UET Reheem Yar Khan
  • Army Public School Multan
  • Army Public School Sahiwal
  • Pakistan Air Force (PAF)
  • PMA Kakul

  • Running Projects
  • Dara Ghazi Khan (Cement Factory)
  • MCB Bank Lahore
  • Shan Food Ltd
  • Awami Welfare Tower
  • Walls Ice-Cream
  • United Detergent Sheikhupura
  • DHA Resident Carnal Abbas
  • Lahore Stock Exchange
  • Mustafabad Bridge
  • Kot Rada Krishan Bridge
  • Neelam Jahlum Power Plant
  • Pepsi Cola
  • Coca Cola Raheem Yar Khan
  • Fatima Fertilizer
  • Okara Railway Station
  • Bahawalpur Railway Station
  • Narrowal Railway Station
  • UET Norrowal
  • UET Raheem Yar Khan
  • Pakistan Sports Board
  • Nishat Emporium
  • Army Public School Multan
  • Army Public School Sahiwal
  • Mangla Dam
  • Terbela Dam
  • Iqbal Temple
  • Norrowal Power Plant
  • LAL Pir Power Plant
  • Pakgen Power Plant
  • Muzaffergar Thermal Power
  • Khawaja Asif Resident
  • Vision technologies
  • Atlis Sports
  • Greater Iqbal Park
  • Foji Fertilizer