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MBT Construction Chemicals has the privilege to pioneer the concept of enhancing construction quality by using construction chemicals in the Pakistani construction industry
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Why MBt ?

Our company has played a pivotal role in the development of the key industries of Pakistan for more than 26 years. With our customers’ abiding faith and trust in us, we put customer value before everything else and make environmental stewardship and safety our very first priority.


We take precision very seriously. Our Quality Assurance (QA) department is an essential group of individuals who consistently test and retest the material before supply. With a state of the art lab testing facility and industry standards our QA department ensures perfect quality each and every time.

Our Branches

Our teams spreads all over the Pakistan. All of our branches are open from 9:00am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Get to know our company

Since its inception in 1988, MBT Construction CHEMICALS has the privilege to pioneer the concept of enhancing the construction quality by using construction chemicals in Pakistani construction industry. Since beginning, we are serving as a comprehensive Construction Chemicals company by engaging ourselves to provide the solutions of the enhancing quality of construction and solving the construction problems leading to the eventual cost reduction and re-work.

Construction worker epoxy

Water Proofing

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Epoxy Adhesive & Grouting System

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Concrete Admixture

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Our company news

Get Updated News Regarding Construction Chemical World

  • CRYSTALLINE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM USING CORMIX H2O STOP +CI A UNIQUE INTERGRAL Concrete leaks due to a number of factors such as being poorly compacted , poor detailing , cr

  • Mughal Brothers Technologies providing the best solutions of Waterproofing The selection of material is determined by the area requiring waterproofing e.g. roof, basement,

  • Mughal bgrothers Technologies Pakistan Providing the Leak Sealing Solution For Your House and Buildings MBT developed chemical grouting systems for sealing joints, cracks,


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